Kind and Generous - Natalie Merchant
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Thank you to Ms. Merchant, Indian Love Bride Music and

Warner Strategic Marketing for permission to use this music.

The M.O.M.S. Park would not exist without the unwavering guidance and support of Ted and Yvonne Adams.  We are forever grateful  for their belief in this community project.


           Founders:                         Support Team:

               Holly Sadler                                       Bill Futch, Attorney       

               Sharon Lindsey                                 Legal Representative



               Board of Directors:                            Joe London, Civil Engineer 

               Greg Sadler                                        Drawings, Engineering,                             Holly Sadler                                        Permitting   


               Russell Lindsay                                  Russell Lindsay, CPA

                                                                           Not for Profit Entity,

                                                                           Financial and Tax Consulting  



                                                                           Phil Howell -

                                                                           Arbor Plan Consulting

                                                                           Land Use Planning &

                                                                           Arboriculture Service

Special Thanks For your contributions in building

the Memories of Missing Smiles (M.O.M.S.)

Children's Memorial Park and Reflection Pond